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Good Food Union is brought to you by the Butcher and The Chef - Scott Wilson. Scott has built a reputation for the best quality, hormone free and grass fed beef in all of NSW. Scott is also known for having a mind focused on sustainable agricultural process for all agriculture with a key passion on that of food production, be that meat or vegetables.

Good Food Union, is present a regular farmers market selling their beef direct from the farm as well as culinary delights market attendees can taste on the spot include their signature truffle burger. Yet Good Food Union will not be pigeon holed into any cooking genre. Good Food Union have also exclusively hosted dinners for the likes of Australia’s Prime Minister Malcom Turnball along with numerous other events.

The Good Food Union’s calling card is sophisticated gourmet food of any genre, that ensures eating pleasure for all in attendance. This coupled with Scott’s passion for sustainable vegetable and meat agriculture tied in with his dynamic menu structures ensures Good Food Union can produce whatever your event and/or menu requires.


Scott was raised in the beautiful country region of Scone in The Upper Hunter Valley. Being raised on the land, he began his passion for all things meat. Scott mastered his skills in butchery, opening his first butcher shop as a young adult. He then travelled extensively around the world, living in South and Central America and Europe, he learnt about many different cooking techniques and flavours.

Scotty’s knowledge of meat and livestock, plus his expertise of the many cuts of meat, have bought him into contact with some of the best chefs in Australia, to include Tony Bilson, Geoff Janzs, Julie Goodwin and Thomas Johns.

Scotty’s philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to eat the best restaurant food at least once in their life. Using this he started his events company Flavour events and Global Street Eats, bringing well-known chefs and restaurants to his ‘street food style’ pop up kitchens around NSW.

Scott has become a well-known character at some of many well-known Sydney farmer’s markets, being popular with his customers for not only his meat, but for his burgers and steak sandwiches, which are considered to be the best. Scott is always excited about working with food, meats and talented chefs, creating memorable dishes and learning new cooking techniques from around the globe. He also believes in sustainable production of livestock.



WHAT Good Food Union Does

Good Food Union has years of experience across numerous event types and understands the importance of delivering award winning food combined with impeccable service. 

Our versatility ensures we can deliver to almost any food situation required by events around Australia. Call us to discuss your food and/or catering requirements in more detail so we can prepare a tantalizing food extravaganza that will ensure the success of your event. Provided below are just a few of the different types of events Good Food Union has been involved in.

 The Truffle and Cheese Burger

The Truffle and Cheese Burger

Market & Festival Food Stalls

Via their Moobi Valley family farm and meat brand, Good Food Union has been servicing the Carriageworks farmers market's North Sydney Markets, the Coogee Food and Wine festival, Taste of Maitland festival, among many others for many years. 

 The Good FoodUnion team @ Gympie Music Muster

The Good FoodUnion team @ Gympie Music Muster

Popups & Catering for Multiple Event Types


From setting up a food truck in your CBD building courtyard, to caravan shows and more, Good Food Union delivers the best menu options prepared by famous guest chefs including Geoff Jansz. We can create customised menus and even cooking classes. Just give us a call and lets discuss your needs in more detail.

 Good Food Union Truck

Good Food Union Truck

Our Kitchen Trucks

Our fleet of kitchen trucks are very versatile and enable Good Food Union to cater to the most discerning event organiser. From Weddings, to corporate and council cultural events Good Food Union has all food and alcohol aspects covered. 

Good Food Union has a vibrant and wide breadth in terms of menu options. A couple of samples are provided via this link (add in link) – we can also customise menu requests to meet client requirements – just ask us!

Why We Do What We Do

Good Food Union pride ourselves on not only understanding where our meat and vegetables  has come from, but also ensuring that it has been grown using sustainable practices.

All meet sourced is grass fed, hormone and preservative free. All vegetables are sourced from within NSW (limiting their carbon footprint) using sustainable agricultural processes, and many are certified organic. The majority of sauces are home-made containing the above, and other sustainably sourced ingredients.

We do this because we believe in a sustainable world, which ensures a livable place for our children in the future!


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